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    Ethical Risks of Systematic Menstrual Tracking in Sport
    Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 1-15. forthcoming.
    In this article it will be concluded that systematic menstrual tracking in women’s sport has the potential to cause harm to athletes. Since the ruling of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization (2022) in the United States, concerns regarding menstrual health tracking have arisen. Research suggests that the menstrual tracking of female athletes presents potential risks to “women’s autonomy, privacy, and safety in sport” (Casto 2022, 1725). At present, the repercussions of systematic menstrua…Read more
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    This paper will discuss whether the sport of netball has the potential to interpellate a feminine style of body comportment through its rules. Feminine body comportment is a term popularised by Young’s essay ‘Throwing Like a Girl’ (2005) to indicate how women typically present their bodies when participating in sports. Research into the sport of netball remains relatively low in output, and a philosophical examination is a potentially novel approach. Firstly, this paper will give a brief histori…Read more
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    Hitting the barriers – Women in Formula 1 and W series racing
    European Journal of Women's Studies 29 (3): 454-469. 2022.
    In this article, it will be concluded that the major automotive racing league, Formula 1, is failing in its efforts to be a truly unisex sport. In the current Formula 1 series, there are no female drivers. Although women have never been officially prohibited from competing in Formula 1, there have been fewer than 10 female drivers since its inception. This inquiry focuses on why women drivers have been prevented from securing professional driving positions in Formula 1 and racing on equal terms …Read more
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    Henley Women's Regatta and Cultural Preservationism
    International Journal of Sport and Society 13 (1). 2022.
    In this article it will be concluded that if a sporting institution is to thrive it must abandon harmful practices and conventions. This inquiry will focus on the harmful practices that enable and preserve female-targeted sexism, paying particular attention to the Henley Royal Regatta, a British sporting event, and its female counterpart, Henley Women’s Regatta. It will be argued that, in adhering to “cultural preservationism” some sporting institutions perpetuate morally culpable traditions, pr…Read more
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    Overcoming the femininity hurdle: Is sport the answer?
    Dissertation, Cardiff University. 2020.
    In the vast majority of sports in the West, women are marginalized and disadvantaged in their plight to have their achievements recognised as equally valuable. The aim of this dissertation is to investigate not only why women and men are considered unequal as athletes but also to illuminate sport’s potential as a less explored terrain upon which to tackle sexism. It examines the reasons for the continued under-representation of women in sports and the trivialization of women's sports. It will fi…Read more