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    The ineffability of God
    International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 1-17. forthcoming.
    I defend an account of God’s ineffability that depends on the distinction between fundamental and non-fundamental truths. I argue that although there are fundamentally true propositions about God, no creature can have them as the object of a propositional attitude, and no sentence can perfectly carve out their structures. Why? Because these propositions have non-enumerable structures. In principle, no creature can fully grasp God’s intrinsic nature, nor can they develop a language that fully des…Read more
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    Review of Idealism and Christian Theology (review)
    Journal of Analytic Theology 6 716-721. 2018.
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    "Physicalism, Bodily Resurrection, and the Constitution Account"
    In Joshua R. Farris & Charles Taliaferro (eds.), The Ashgate Research Companion to Theological Anthropology, Ashgate Publishing Company. pp. 103-112. 2015.
    This chapter is about bodily resurrection. More specifically, it is about whether bodily resurrection is feasible according to a physicalist account of human beings. I argue that bodily resurrection is less plausible given mainstream physicalism, but it is not less plausible given the constitution account. In the first section, I criticize different options mainstream physicalism can take to make sense of bodily resurrection. All these options seem less than plausible. I spend more space on the …Read more