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    The development of novel neurotechnologies, such as brain-computer interface and deep-brain stimulation, are very promising in improving the welfare and life prospects many people. These include life-changing therapies for medical conditions and enhancements of cognitive, emotional, and moral capacities. Yet there are also numerous moral risks and uncertainties involved in developing novel neurotechnologies. For this reason, the progress of novel neurotechnology research requires that diverse pu…Read more
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    Cognitive Enhancement and Metaphor Choice as Moral Choice
    with Sierra Simmerman
    American Journal of Bioethics Neuroscience 10 (1): 50-51. 2019.
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    Author Information: Paul Tubig PhD Philosophy Student, University of Washington - Seattle Submission Title: The Place of Health in the Liberal Theory of Justice: The purpose of this paper is to articulate the relationship between health and justice. Ethical claims, such as the World Health Organization’s assertion that health is a fundamental human right or that global health inequalities are normative inequities, require a conceptual analysis of the meaning and value of health wit…Read more