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    Relativism and the Conversation of the World
    Philosophical Forum 49 (3): 379-395. 2018.
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    In this article, I ask whether Korsgaard’s ethics can be reconciled with a hermeneutic understanding of the human subject. Hermeneutics, inspired by Nietzsche, has traditionally been skeptical about the notion that moral principles have authority over us. But Korsgaard’s account of normativity as grounded in self-consciousness and its reflective distance from beliefs and desires is strikingly similar to Gadamer’s description of human beings as distant and ‘free’ from their environment. The quest…Read more
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    Philosophical Hermeneutics and the Relativity of Truth and Meaning
    International Journal of Philosophical Studies 18 (4): 473-492. 2010.
    This paper considers the challenge to understanding another that comes from the view that language is, in Cristina Lafont?s phrase, ?world?disclosing?. If different speakers understand and refer to the world from different holistically structured worldviews, it seems to follow that there can be no mutual understanding unless there is significant overlap between ?worlds?. Gadamer?s hermeneutics, I claim, blocks this consequence while maintaining that language is indeed world?disclosing. By holdin…Read more