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    Philosophy of education in a new key: A ‘Covid Collective’ of the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain (PESGB)
    with Janet Orchard, Kevin Williams, Pip Bennett, Laura D’Olimpio, Raşit Çelik, Qasir Shah, Christoph Neusiedl, Judith Suissa, Michael A. Peters, and Marek Tesar
    Educational Philosophy and Theory 53 (12): 1215-1228. 2021.
    This article is a collective writing experiment undertaken by philosophers of education affiliated with the PESGB (Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain). When asked to reflect on questions concerning the Philosophy of Education in a New Key in May 2020, it was unsurprising that the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on society and on education were foremost in our minds. We wanted to consider important philosophical and educational questions raised by the pandemic, while acknowledgi…Read more
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    Lived epistemology, the childlike and a virtuous education
    Dissertation, University of Warwick. 2019.
    The following thesis provides an account of what it means to approach epistemic concepts in a lived rather than abstract fashion. It argues that taking such a position naturally leads to an assessment of how the epistemic life might be lived virtuously, and it grounds this in experiences of being-with-worth. It then isolates and gives a thorough account of the key, childlike virtues found in the Golden Age of British children’s literature: playfulness, a capacity for wonder, and intellectual hum…Read more
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    This book is about the interaction between literary studies and the philosophy of literature. It features essays from internationally renowned and emerging philosophers and literary scholars, challenging readers to join them in taking seriously the notion of interdisciplinary study and forging forward in new and exciting directions of thought. It identifies that literary studies and the philosophy of literature address similar issues: What is literature? What is its value? Why do I care about ch…Read more