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European Philosophy
  • John Dewey's Science of Ethics
    Dissertation, Vanderbilt University. 2000.
    Throughout his career, John Dewey was a strong advocate of the usefulness and importance of scientific inquiry, particularly in relation to ethical issues. In the wake of multiculturalism, persistently troublesome ethical and social problems, and a great deal of technological, cultural, and environmental degradation, much of which has been the result of the practice of techno-science, the idea of a "science of ethics" strikes many as quaint and possibly dangerous. However, the troublesome aspect…Read more
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    Dewey, Wynter, and Césaire
    In Corey McCall & Phillip McReynolds (eds.), Decolonizing American Philosophy, Suny Press. pp. 155-173. 2020.
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    In Corey McCall & Phillip McReynolds (eds.), Decolonizing American Philosophy, Suny Press. pp. 1-13. 2020.
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    Decolonizing American Philosophy (edited book)
    SUNY Press. 2020.
    Wide-ranging examination of American philosophy's ties to settler colonialism and its role as both an object and a force of decolonization.
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    Philosophical Tools for Technological Culture (review)
    Teaching Philosophy 26 (1): 85-89. 2003.
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    The materialistic philosophy which sees 'man' as pitted against his environment is rapidly breaking down as technological man becomes more and more able to oppose the largest systems. Every battle that he wins brings a threat of disaster. The unit of survival—either in ethics or in evolution—is not the organism or the species but the largest system or 'power' within which the creature lives. If the creature destroys its environment, it destroys itself.Man needs the earth in order to walk, the se…Read more
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    Autopoiesis and Transaction
    Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society 53 (2): 312. 2017.
    In this paper I argue that aspects of Deweyan pragmatism can and should be reconstructed in light of work in biological systems research. One background assumption for my argument is that pragmatism has been fruitfully stimulated by concepts arising from biology, evolution in particular. Another is that while pragmatism tends to be focused on practical problem solving, words and ideas often shape, frame, and help select what might appear as workable solutions and even how problems themselves com…Read more
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    This book shows what it means to be an American philosopher by bringing key figures of contemporary American philosophy together to reflect upon the meaning and import of their life’s work.
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    Nussbaum's Capabilities Approach: A Pragmatist Critique (review)
    Journal of Speculative Philosophy 16 (2). 2002.
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    How to Think About Cyber Conflicts Involving Non-state Actors
    Philosophy and Technology 28 (3): 427-448. 2015.
    A great deal of attention has been paid in recent years to the legality of the actions of states and state agents in international and non-international cyber conflicts. Less attention has been paid to ethical considerations in these situations, and very little has been written regarding the ethics of the participation of non-state actors in such conflicts. In this article, I analyze different categories of non-state participation in cyber operations and undertake to show under what conditions s…Read more