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    Social justice: philosophical perspectives (edited book)
    D.K. Printworld in association with Dept. of Special Assistance in Philosophy, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar. 1999.
    These Essays Look Afresh At The Varying Connotations Of Social Justice In Its Moral, Legal, Economic, Political And Historic Perspectives. They Consider Social Justice Vis-A-Vis Democracy, Gender Questions, Justice-Making Mechanisms, Retribution And The Hindu Karma.
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    Wittgenstein’s Notion of ‘Higher’: A Reading from Sankara’s Conception of Jnana
    with Manoranjan Mallick
    Athens Journal of Philosophy 2 (1): 53-66. 2023.
    This paper aims to revisit Wittgenstein’s notion of ‘higher’ from the understanding of Sankara’s conception of Jnana. According to Wittgenstein, values cannot be captured within the network of facts about living things or dead matters in the world; they are not the case in the world and are not relational, they are higher. That is why, we cannot call values natural in any sense of the expression. This compels Wittgenstein to appeal to the transcendental origin of the values. In this way, the wor…Read more
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    An Applied Perspective on Indian Ethics
    Springer Singapore. 2019.
    This book presents a novel interpretation of major problems of Indian ethics from an applied ethical perspective. It approaches prominent theories like Dharma, Karma and Purusarthas from a critical point of view, so as to render them logically consistent and free from some standard limitations. Ethical theories are meant to provide guidance for life, but quite often many of our celebrated theories appear to be inapplicable or difficult to apply in practical life. Indian ethical theories are of s…Read more
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    SWIM: A switch manager for datacenter networks
    with C. C. Chen, P. Sun, L. Yuan, and C. N. da MaltzChuah
    As modern datacenter networks grow to support hundreds of thousands of servers and beyond, managing network equipment - such as routers, firewalls, and load balancers - becomes increasingly complex. Network attributes such as IP address allocations and BGP neighbor relations are scattered among various network engineering groups, which makes troubleshooting the network a cumbersome task. In addition, network vendor diversity leads to an explosion of vendor-specific management systems or single-u…Read more
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    The rise of location-based services has enabled many opportunities for content service providers to optimize the content delivery based on user's location. Since sharing precise location remains a major privacy concern among the users, many location-based services rely on contextual location as opposed to acquiring user's exact physical location. In this paper, we present PACL, which can learn user's contextual location just by passively monitoring user's network traffic. PACL can discern a set …Read more
  • Ethics and the World Applied Ethics on Indian Ethical Theories
    Proceedings of the Heraclitean Society 19
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    Facets of humanism (edited book)
    D.K. Printworld. 1999.
    Contributed research papers.