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    Premature Death as a Normative Concept
    with Mathias Barra, Ole Frithjof Norheim, Espen Gamlund, and Carl Tollef Solberg
    Health Care Analysis 32 (2): 88-105. 2024.
    The practical goal of preventing premature death seems uncontroversial. But the term ‘premature death’ is vague with several, sometimes conflicting definitions. This ambiguity results in several conceptions with which not all will agree. Moreover, the normative rationale behind the goal of preventing premature deaths is masked by the operational definition of existing measures. In this article, we argue that ‘premature death’ should be recognized as a normative concept. We propose that normative…Read more
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    The Devils in the DALY: Prevailing Evaluative Assumptions
    with Carl Tollef Solberg, Karl Erik Müller, Espen Gamlund, Ole Frithjof Norheim, and Mathias Barra
    Public Health Ethics 13 (3): 259-274. 2020.
    In recent years, it has become commonplace among the Global Burden of Disease study authors to regard the disability-adjusted life year primarily as a descriptive health metric. During the first phase of the GBD, it was widely acknowledged that the DALY had built-in evaluative assumptions. However, from the publication of the 2010 GBD and onwards, two central evaluative practices—time discounting and age-weighting—have been omitted from the DALY model. After this substantial revision, the emergi…Read more
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    Reform av formuesskatten
    with Jørgen Pedersen
    Norsk Filosofisk Tidsskrift 55 (2-3): 141-156. 2020.