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    What Can Be Known and How People Grow: The Philosophical Stakes of the Assessment Debate
    Studies in Philosophy and Education 36 (5): 499-515. 2017.
    Fierce debates over standardized assessments in teacher preparation have revolved around flaws in implementation and the politics of privatization. While important, this focus obscures the philosophical divide between proponents and opponents of standardized assessments. This article examines how faculty in New York State argue for and against a controversial performance assessment for teacher candidates, the edTPA. Revealing the distinctive ways that teacher educators on opposing sides of this …Read more
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    Learning in Democracy: Deliberation and Activism as Forms of Education
    Studies in Philosophy and Education 38 (5): 517-536. 2019.
    The press and scholars alike often bemoan the failure of civil public deliberation. Yet this insistence on civility excludes people who engage in adversarial tactics, limiting the ideas that are heard within deliberation. Drawing on a deliberative dialogue that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia, in the aftermath of the deadly White Supremacist rally of 2017, this article reveals how the capacity of deliberation to be inclusive of diverse voices depends upon deliberators’ orientation to learn…Read more