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    Morgan’s Minimalism: An Epistemic Approach to Contract Law
    Critical Review 28 (3-4): 356-379. 2016.
    ABSTRACTLawyers tend to fall into two categories. Some argue that the law should reflect our moral duties to each other. Seen that way, law is a form of applied ethics, and the social sciences should play only a very limited role in the reasoning of legal scholars. Others argue that the law should be developed consistently with the conclusions of social science, arguing, for example, that the task of the law is to maximize economic efficiency, such that law must conform to economists’ conclusion…Read more
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    This paper argues that in the absence of general duties to rescue a woman may, at any time, terminate an unintended pregnancy even if the foetus is a person. However the rights of the foetus restrict the procedures one may use. In particular only an evictionist procedure may be used. Furthermore the argument presented does not rely on any act of balancing the rights of the woman against the rights of the foetus. There is no “clash of rights” involved. This paper also replies to the objection tha…Read more