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    Strategic Responses to Grand Challenges: Why and How Corporations Build Community Resilience
    with Lulamile Makaula, Gina Ziervogel, Clifford Shearing, and Alan Zhang
    Journal of Business Ethics 161 (4): 835-853. 2020.
    We explore why and how corporations seek to build community resilience as a strategic response to grand challenges. Based on a comparative case study analysis of four corporations strategically building community resilience in five place-based communities in South Africa, as well as three counterfactual cases, we develop a process model of corporate practices and contingent factors that explain why and how some corporations commit to community resilience building and whether they try to do so di…Read more
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    Distance Makes the Heart Grow Colder: MNEs’ Responses to the State Logic in African Variants of CSR
    with Colin David Reddy
    Business and Society 57 (3): 562-594. 2018.
    The question of how multinational enterprises respond to local corporate social responsibility expectations remains salient, also in the context of many African governments’ attempts to define and regulate business responsibilities. What determines whether MNEs respond to such local, state-driven expectations as congruent with their global commitment to CSR? Adopting an institutional logics perspective, we argue that a higher global CSR commitment will lead to higher local responsiveness when re…Read more
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    Business and Human Rights in South Africa: An Analysis of Antecedents of Human Rights Due Diligence (review)
    with Paresha Sinha, Farai Kapfudzaruwa, and Christoph Schild
    Journal of Business Ethics 87 (2). 2009.
    The purpose of the present article is to analyse South African listed companies' public reporting in order to contribute to our understanding of how and why companies consider human rights. The empirical analysis is placed in the context of the increasing prominence of human rights as a business issue, premised in part on the activities of the United Nations (UN) Special Representative of the Secretary General (SRSG) on human rights and business. On the basis of a content analysis of the public …Read more