•  45
    Internet of things: Toward smart networked systems and societies
    with Mark Underwood, Michael Gruninger, Leo Obrst, Ken Baclawski, Mike Bennett, Gary Berg-Cross, and Torsten Hahmann
    Applied ontology 10 (3-4): 355-365. 2015.
  •  38
    Ontology Summit 2017 communiqué – AI, learning, reasoning and ontologies
    with Kenneth Baclawski, Mike Bennett, Gary Berg-Cross, Donna Fritzsche, Todd Schneider, Ravi Sharma, and Andrea Westerinen
    Applied ontology 13 (1): 3-18. 2018.
  •  42
    Ontology Summit 2018 Communiqué: Contexts in context
    with Kenneth Baclawski, Mike Bennett, Gary Berg-Cross, Cory Casanave, Donna Fritzsche, Joanne Luciano, Todd Schneider, Ravi Sharma, Janet Singer, John Sowa, Andrea Westerinen, and David Whitten
    Applied ontology 13 (3): 181-200. 2018.
  •  18
    Ontology Summit 2021 Communiqué: Ontology generation and harmonization
    with Ken Baclawski, Michael Bennett, Gary Berg-Cross, Leia Dickerson, Todd Schneider, Selja Seppälä, Ravi Sharma, and Andrea Westerinen
    Applied ontology 17 (2): 233-248. 2022.
    Advances in machine learning and the development of very large knowledge graphs have accompanied a proliferation of ontologies of many types and for many purposes. These ontologies are commonly developed independently, and as a result, it can be difficult to communicate about and between them. To address this difficulty of communication, ontologies and the communities they serve must agree on how their respective terminologies and formalizations relate to each other. The process of coming into a…Read more
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    Ontology summit 2020 communiqué: Knowledge graphs
    with Ken Baclawski, Michael Bennett, Gary Berg-Cross, Todd Schneider, Ravi Sharma, and Janet Singer
    Applied ontology 16 (2): 229-247. 2021.
    An increasing amount of data is now available from public and private sources. Furthermore, the types, formats, and number of sources of data are also increasing. Techniques for extracting, storing, processing, and analyzing such data have been developed in the last few years for managing this bewildering variety based on a structure called a knowledge graph. Industry has devoted a great deal of effort to the development of knowledge graphs, and knowledge graphs are now critical to the functions…Read more
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    Ethical Issues and the Current Code of Ethics for Management Accountants-Are They Compatible?
    with Richard E. Coppage
    Business and Professional Ethics Journal 11 (3): 165-178. 1992.
  •  24
    Towards ontology evaluation across the life cycle
    with Fabian Neuhaus, Amanda Vizedom, Ken Baclawski, Mike Bennett, Mike Dean, Michael Denny, Michael Grüninger, Ali Hashemi, Terry Longstreth, Leo Obrst, Steve Ray, Todd Schneider, Marcela Vegetti, Matthew West, and Peter Yim
    Applied ontology 8 (3): 179-194. 2013.