South Asian University
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    Small polaron hopping conduction mechanism in Ni-doped LaFeO3
    with M. Wasi Khan, Shahid Husain, M. A. Majeed Khan, Maneesha Gupta, and J. P. Srivastava
    Philosophical Magazine 90 (22): 3069-3079. 2010.
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    An iterative approach to updating velocities beneath postsalt anomalies and its impact on presalt imaging
    with Jeremy Langlois, Zhuoquan Yuan, Hao Li, and Yan Huang
    Interpretation: SEG 2 (4). 2014.
    Complex geology and deepwater presalt targets offshore Brazil lend themselves to seismic imaging challenges. The postsalt sections of the Santos and Campos Basins also featured thin-bed, high-impedance layers of volcanic material and other shallow velocity anomalies. These features were often near the top of salt and produced areas of poor presalt focusing. Because accurately modeling the postsalt was imperative for imaging the presalt, we developed a new workflow for velocity model updating. Wh…Read more
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    Doping effects arising from Ni for Fe in PrFeO3ceramic thin films
    with Feroz Ahmad Mir and M. Ikram
    Philosophical Magazine 92 (9): 1058-1070. 2012.