• Modern cities modelled as “super‐cells” rather than multicellular organisms: Implications for industry, goods and services
    with Jie Chang, Ying Ge, Zhaoping Wu, Yuanyuan Du, Kaixuan Pan, Guofu Yang, Mikko P. Heino, Feng Mao, Kang Hao Cheong, Zelong Qu, Xing Fan, Yong Min, Changhui Peng, and Laura A. Meyerson
    Bioessays 43 (7): 2100041. 2021.
  • Industrial investment funds are a new financing innovation mode that can build an effective financing channel for enterprises.Based on the panel data of Chinese Listed Companies in 2008–2017, this manuscript constructed a static panel model between industrial investment funds, government R&D subsidies, and technological innovation to empirically analyze the effects of industrial investment fund involvement and government R&D subsidies on companies’ technological innovation. The research shows th…Read more
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    Dao Companion to Chinese Philosophy of Logic
    Tandf: History and Philosophy of Logic 1-3. forthcoming.
  •  16
    The Dao Companion to Chinese Philosophy of Logic is the first general overview of Chinese logical philosophy in English, presumably providing students and researchers of Chinese thought in the Engl...
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    Tractable approximate deduction for OWL
    with Jeff Z. Pan and Yuting Zhao
    Artificial Intelligence 235 (C): 95-155. 2016.
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    A Pro-Realist Account of Gongsun Long's "White Horse Dialogue"
    with Yuyu Liu
    Philosophy East and West 69 (2): 464-483. 2019.
    Ever since the ancient Chinese paradox "white horse is not horse" was brought into the context of Western philosophy, various interpretations have been proposed by modern scholars based on different theoretical considerations, although no satisfactory consensus has been reached. Controversy focuses especially on whether the paradox implies a realist or nominalist ontology.The controversy starts from Fung Yu-lan's realist reading of Gongsun Long. Fung read "white horse is not horse" as "white-hor…Read more
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    Simulative belief logic
    with Hu Liu and Xuefeng Wen
    Journal of Applied Logic 11 (2): 217-228. 2013.