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    Writing in Solidarity: Steps Toward an Ethic of Care for Journalism
    with Garry Pech
    Journal of Mass Media Ethics 21 (2-3): 141-155. 2006.
    In this article, we investigate the role an ethic of care might play in constructing a normative model of ethical practice for journalism. How would practice be changed if the goal of journalism shifted from the traditional epistemological understanding to an ontological-ethical orientation? What would it mean for journalism to think of itself as an institution committed to aiding in the construction of a community defined by the solidarity of its citizens with one another?
  • This project demonstrates that prudent use of work heterodox to accepted practices is necessary for the international relations scholarly community to meet its epistemic goals. ;Using Philip Kitcher's naturalist epistemology, I argue that a commitment to rigor requires that international relations scholars rethink their evaluative practices. To reach their goals, they must evaluate heterodox suggestions under the guidance of more comprehensive categories, not in terms of standard visions of empi…Read more