Ricardo Rozzi

University of North Texas
Universidad de Magallanes
  • University of North Texas
    Department of Philosophy & Religion
    Biological Sciences
  • Universidad de Magallanes
University of Connecticut
Department of Philosophy
PhD, 1998
Denton, Texas, United States of America
Areas of Specialization
Environmental Ethics, Misc

Ricardo Rozzi is a Chilean ecologist (B.S. P. Catholic University of Chile; M.S. University of Chile; Ph.D. University of Connecticut, USA), and philosopher (MA University of Connecticut, USA). His research has focused on the integration of diverse forms in which human cultures know and inhabit the natural world. He coined three interrelated concepts: biocultural homogenization, biocultural conservation, and biocultural ethics. His biocultural ethic proposes a “3Hs” conceptual framework to value the vital links among specific life Habits of human and other-than-human co-in-Habitants that share a common Habitat. To integrate the biocultural et…

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