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    Deliberation and Reason
    Matador. 2010.
    The topic of this book is the thinking in which we engage when we reflectively decide what to do, and when we reflectively reach conclusions as to the correct answers to questions. The main objective is to identify a way of looking at ourselves and at our deliberations that is adequate to our lives. It must accommodate both our conception of ourselves as free, rational and self-directed subjects, and our feeling that we deliberate freely. It must also identify a place for us that will feel like …Read more
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    Ethics in Government
    Philosophy Now 54 34-37. 2006.
    This article considers the application of utilitarian and deontological theories to questions that arise in the conduct of government, including whether a government may mislead the public without actually lying, how far civil servants should maintain political neutrality, whether civil servants should leak information to the press, and whether a government should avoid getting legal advice that it might not like.
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    The Laws of Belief by Wolfgang Spohn (review)
    Philosophy Now 94 42-43. 2013.
    A review of Wolfgang Spohn, The Laws of Belief
  •  32
    The Self and Self-Knowledge ed. by Annalisa Coliva (review)
    Philosophy Now 97 47-47. 2013.
    A review of Annalisa Coliva (ed.), The Self and Self-Knowledge.
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    Truth By Analysis by Colin McGinn (review)
    Philosophy Now 104 45-45. 2014.
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    Living with Robots by Dumouchel & Damiano (review)
    Philosophy Now 132 44-46. 2019.
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    Modality & Explanatory Reasoning (review)
    Philosophy Now 115 44-45. 2016.
    A review of Boris Kment, Modality and Explanatory Reasoning.