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    Parasitic Liar and the Gappy Solution
    Proceedings of the Xxii World Congress of Philosophy 39 63-69. 2008.
    There is a prevalent view against the disquotational and the minimal theories of truth, that the most sensible solution to the Liar—that is, the gappy solution—is not available to them. I would like to argue that, though this solution is unavailable to the two theories, the prevailing argument and the reasoning behind this view are wrong. This paper mainly focuses on Simmons’ “Deflationary Truth and the Liar” (1999), within which the idea that disquotationalism can take the Liar in its stridein …Read more
  • Quine on Truth
    Philosophy and Culture 35 (8): 111-141. 2008.
    In Quine's philosophy stance, the most clearly is not his "real" view. Perhaps he is most concerned about the experience and the theoretical relationship between the content of experience, evidence, and the wide expanse between scientific theories associated. "True," this concept in his theoretical philosophy, it seems to swing in between different stance. For example, speaking, Quine's theory of experience equal to what is really home and country-style stance , Davidson is the support that the …Read more