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    Dissertation, The University of Rochester. 1980.
    I proceed by examining the versions of foundationalism advanced by C. I. Lewis and Roderick Chisholm. In presenting their views, Lewis and Chisholm have attempted to give answers to three fundamental questions: Why must the structure of empirical knowledge be foundational? What is the nature of the foundation of knowledge? and How does the foundation serve as the justification of nonfoundational beliefs? Their answers to these questions are the subject of examination in this dissertation. ;Found…Read more
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    Although Thomas Reid has had a strong influence on contemporary thought, his philosophical writings have been to a large extent ignored. Recently, however, there has been a birth of interest in Reid’s philosophy. In order to facilitate Reid scholarship, a bibliography of works by and on Reid, compiled by Nina Mikhalevsky, was published in the third issue of Philosophical Monographs. The title of this issue is Thomas Reid: Critical Interpretations. The following bibliography has been compiled to …Read more