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    A critique of Milton Friedman's thesis that corporate executives have a fiduciary responsibility not to pursue socially desirable goals at the expense of profitability. The author argues that even under a libertarian conception of the nature of corporate property, Friedman's thesis does not follow. In particular, an executive's decision to prize "socially responsible behavior" above profit maximization does not necessarily violate the contractual rights of dissenting stockholders. Whether execut…Read more
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    Heuristic novelty and the asymmetry problem in bayesian confirmation theory
    British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 44 (1): 17-36. 1993.
    Bayesian confirmation theory, as traditionally interpreted, treats the temporal relationship between the formulation of a hypothesis and the confirmation (or recognition) of evidence entailed by that hypothesis merely as a component of the psychology of discovery and acceptance of a hypothesis. The temporal order of these events is irrelevant to the logic of rational theory choice. A few years ago Richmond Campbell and Thomas Vinci offered a reinterpretation of Bayes' Theorem in defense of the v…Read more
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    Philosophy Through Film, 2nd ed
    Teaching Philosophy 34 (4): 432-435. 2011.
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    Novel facts, Bayesian rationality, and the history of continental drift
    Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A 15 (4): 267-307. 1984.
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    Open Immigration Policies and Liberal Discomfort
    Human Rights Review 9 (4): 537-541. 2008.
    Consequentialist cosmopolitanism, Peter Higgins argues, enables closed border liberals to evade charges of moral hypocrisy despite their commitment to moral equality of individuals, once we recognize that open border arguments rely on cosmopolitanism’s individualism requirement, which ignores social realities relevant to a realistic assessment of the social consequences of an open immigration policy. Higgins is mistaken, however, in contending that cosmopolitan individualism entails attention to…Read more
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    Harsanyi vs. Sen
    Journal of Philosophy 78 (10): 586-600. 1981.
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  • A.J.M. Milne, Human Rights And Human Diversity (review)
    Philosophy in Review 8 356-358. 1988.
  • Film as Philosophy in Memento
    Film and Philosophy 18 1-18. 2014.
  • Edwin C. Hettinger
    with Iasper Hunt Dickerson and Glenn Lesses
    Ethics in the Workplace: Selected Readings in Business Ethics. forthcoming.
  • Economic Rationality and Moral Theory: The Social Contract as a Foundation for Principles of Right
    Dissertation, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 1984.
    Thomas Hobbes' method of deriving some moral principles from a social contract has inspired some contemporary moral philosophers to combine the contractarian approach with the model of rational behavior familiar to economists, in order to derive substantive principles of right from essentially formal constraints on the choice of principles. They argue that the device of a hypothetical social contract could serve to generate intuitively plausible moral principles even when the contractors are ass…Read more