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    Information Safety Assurances Increase Intentions to Use COVID-19 Contact Tracing Applications, Regardless of Autonomy-Supportive or Controlling Message Framing
    with Emma L. Bradshaw, Michael Noetel, Alexander K. Saeri, Peter Slattery, Emily Grundy, and Rafael Calvo
    Frontiers in Psychology 11. 2021.
    Promoting the use of contact tracing technology will be an important step in global recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Across two studies, we assessed two messaging strategies as motivators of intended contact tracing uptake. In one sample of 1117 Australian adults and one sample of 888 American adults, we examined autonomy-supportive and controlling message framing and the presence or absence of information safety as predictors of intended contact tracing application uptake, using an online r…Read more
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    This paper addresses three basic questions about moral motivation. Concerning the nature of moral motivation, it argues that it involves responsiveness to both reasons of morality and the value of persons and everything else of value. Moral motivation is thus identified as reason-responsive appropriate valuing. Regarding whether it is possible for people to be morally motivated, the paper relies on self-determination theory (SDT) to show how moral motivation is a likely product of socialization …Read more
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    Supporting human autonomy in AI systems
    with Rafael Calvo, Dorian Peters, and Karina Vold
    In Christopher Burr & Luciano Floridi (eds.), Ethics of Digital Well-being: A Multidisciplinary Approach.. forthcoming.
    Autonomy has been central to moral and political philosophy for millenia, and has been positioned as a critical aspect of both justice and wellbeing. Research in psychology supports this position, providing empirical evidence that autonomy is critical to motivation, personal growth and psychological wellness. Responsible AI will require an understanding of, and ability to effectively design for, human autonomy (rather than just machine autonomy) if it is to genuinely benefit humanity. Yet the ef…Read more
  • Book reviews (review)
    with Paul B. Thompson, Keith M. Moore, William M. Rivera, Gary P. Green, Joel Schor, Jeffery W. Bentley, Bernard den Ouden, and William P. Browne
    Agriculture and Human Values 6 (4): 62-80. 1989.
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    L9: Self-Determination Research: Reflections and Future Directions
    with Edward L. Deci
    In Edward L. Deci & Richard M. Ryan (eds.), Handbook of Self-Determination Research, University of Rochester Press. pp. 431. 2002.
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    Legislating competence: High-stakes testing policies and their relations with psychological theories and research
    with Kirk W. Brown
    In Andrew J. Elliot & Carol S. Dweck (eds.), Handbook of Competence and Motivation, The Guilford Press. pp. 354--372. 2005.
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    Autonomy is no illusion
    with Edward L. Deci
    In Jeff Greenberg, Sander L. Koole & Tom Pyszczynski (eds.), Handbook of Experimental Existential Psychology, Guilford Press. pp. 455. 2004.
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