• Why I am not a bioethicist
    Bioethics Examiner 6 (3): 1-2. 2002.
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    Genetic engineering and the integrity of animals
    Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 19 (5): 469-493. 2006.
    Genetic engineering evokes a number of objections that are not directed at the negative effects the technique might have on the health and welfare of the modified animals. The concept of animal integrity is often invoked to articulate these kind of objections. Moreover, in reaction to the advent of genetic engineering, the concept has been extended from the level of the individual animal to the level of the genome and of the species. However, the concept of animal integrity was not developed in …Read more
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    Did You Know?
    with B. C. Martinson
    Ethics 1 43-50. 2006.
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    Ethical concepts regarding the genetic engineering of laboratory animals
    Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 9 (2): 211-225. 2006.
    Intrinsic value and animal integrity are two key concepts in the debate on the ethics of the genetic engineering of laboratory animals. These concepts have, on the one hand, a theoretical origin and are, on the other hand, based on the moral beliefs of people not directly involved in the genetic modification of animals. This ‘external’ origin raises the question whether these concepts need to be adjusted or extended when confronted with the moral experiences and opinions of people directly invol…Read more
  • First do no harm: Institutional Review Boards and behavioral health research
    with Deborah De Bruin and Andrew Goodgame
    Ethics and Behavior 14 (3): 351-368. 2004.