• The Last Word
    Oxford University Press. 1997.
    In this important new book Nagel, one of the most distinguished philosophers writing in English today, presents a sustained defence of reason against the attacks of subjectivism. He offers systematic rebuttals of relativistic claims with respect to language, logic, science, and ethics.
  • Reason and Religion in Socratic Philosophy (edited book)
    Nicholas D. Smith and Paul B. Woodruff
    Oxford University Press. 2000.
    This volume brings together mostly previously unpublished studies by prominent historians, classicists, and philosophers on the roles and effects of religion in Socratic philosophy and on the trial of Socrates. Among the contributors are Thomas C. Brickhouse, Asli Gocer, Richard Kraut, Mark L. McPherran, Robert C. T. Parker, C. D. C. Reeve, Nicholas D. Smith, Gregory Vlastos, Stephen A. White, and Paul B. Woodruff.
  • Love in the Western and Confucian Traditions: Response to Chung-Ying Cheng
    Mark L. McPherran
    Journal of Chinese Philosophy 39 (4): 495-506. 2012.
    I agree with Professor Cheng's critique that Kant shows that Practical Reason points toward a model of human subjectivity and human autonomy congenial to Confucian thinking. In the Western rationalist tradition also there are threads that connect to other world views in an illuminating fashion if we investigate their historical roots. Using Professor Cheng's method, I claim that in the West there began a humanistic tradition that bears affinities to Confucius and which itself is now being transf…Read more
  • Classical Chinese Philosophy in a Global Context
    The Proceedings of the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy 2001 13-23. 2001.
    I discuss several areas of classical Chinese philosophy such as Confucianism, Daoism, Yijing philosophy, and the Mingjia, in terms of their global relevance for humankind today. I contend that despite the critique of 4 May 1919 and Great Cultural Revolution of 1965–1976, these philosophical schools have remained latent in the consciousness of the Chinese people. I argue that classical Chinese philosophy is very relevant for the present worldwide rebirth (renaissance) of human civilization. It is…Read more
  • Rebirth and Challenge of Chinese Philosophy in Today’s World of Man
    Philosophie Et Culture: Actes du XVIIe Congrès Mondial de Philosophie 5 215-221. 1988.