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    Hegel’s Philosophy of Freedom (review)
    Philosophical Review 110 (4): 606-608. 2001.
    This book provides a lucid commentary on Hegel’s Philosophy of Right and on Hegel’s other major writings on ethics and politics. Since it is the only commentary in English that covers the Philosophy of Right almost section by section, from start to finish, and it also carries on an instructive dialogue with many of the other commentaries published in recent years, it will be very useful to students and to scholars who aren’t specialists in Hegel. Although Franco can’t, of course, afford to go in…Read more
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    Plato was among the first to give prominence to the apparent conflicts between philosophy, religion, and the arts, conflicts that are still alive in modern cultures. Philosophers often challenge the legitimacy of religion, in various ways; philosophy as an advocate of ethics challenges the arts as lacking a moral compass; and advocates of the arts and religion stage counterattacks against these challenges. However, Plato wasn’t only a critic of religion and the arts. He had his own preferred ver…Read more
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    Robert Williams objects that my interpretation of Hegel’s philosophical theology makes him an “Enlightenment naturalist.” In response, I explain how my book describes Hegel as decisively criticizing Enlightenment naturalism by showing that the finite and the natural must be sublated in the infinite. Second, I show that Hegel’s apparently paradoxical conception of the relation between humans and God makes sense when it is seen as part of the long tradition of rational mysticism, which includes Pl…Read more
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    Hegel's Philosophy of Reality, Freedom, and God
    Cambridge University Press. 2005.
    This book shows that the repeated announcements of the death of Hegel's philosophical system have been premature. Hegel's Philosophy of Freedom, Reality, and God brings to light accomplishments for which Hegel is seldom given credit: unique arguments for the reality of freedom, for the reality of knowledge, for the irrationality of egoism, and for the compatibility of key insights from traditional theism and naturalistic atheism. The book responds in a systematic manner to many of the major crit…Read more
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    Hegel’s God
    Philosophy Now 86 18-20. 2011.
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    Hegel on “Ethical Life” and Social Criticism
    Journal of Philosophical Research 26 571-591. 2001.
    Many readers have suspected that Hegel---in arguing against Kant’s individualistic and critical way of approaching ethics and favoring instead an “ethical life” he associates with custom and habit---is in effect eliminating both individual judgment and any basis for criticism of corrupt or unjust communities. Most specialists reject this view of Hegel’s ethical theory, but they haven’t explained precisely how, on the contrary, ethical life preserves individual judgment and criticism within a new…Read more
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    Work on Myth (edited book)
    MIT Press. 1988.
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    The Genesis of the Copernican World (edited book)
    MIT Press. 1987.
    This major work by the German philosopher Hans Blumenberg is a monumental rethinking of the significance of the Copernican revolution for our understanding of modernity. It provides an important corrective to the view of science as an autonomous enterprise and presents a new account of the history of interpretations of the significance of the heavens for man.Hans Blumenberg is Professor of Philosophy, emeritus, at the University of Munster in West Germany. This book is included in the series Stu…Read more
  • In this dissertation I address the question of whether a fully rational individual must be moral. Kant argues that fully rational agents must be moral because this is a necessary condition of their being autonomous. As he presents it, this argument is open to various objections. I argue that Hegel reformulates the argument in a way that avoids these objections, and renders the argument more promising. I also argue that, contrary to Kant's and Hegel's own views, such an argument, when fully spell…Read more