Robert Waxman Ph.D.

The Open Center, FL

Bob Waxman, Ph.D. is Director of The Open Center in Sarasota, FL. He's an author, educator, and featured speaker on the following topics: ​Perennial Philosophy, After-effects of Near Death Experiences, Free Will vs. Determinism, Plato on Soul/Spirit in Phaedo & Timeaus, Philosophy of Tao-Te-Ching, Carl Jung: The Red Book, Existentialism in Book of Ecclesiastes, Ancient Symbology, etc.

​Bob has been interviewed on national TV and radio and is the author of: Kabbalah Simply Stated, 2012: The Meaning and The Message, The Power of AWE and producer of the CD Song Universal. ​ With humor and simplicity, Bob deciphers unexplained phenomenon, ancie…

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