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    Pitting corrosion behaviour of austenitic stainless steel using artificial intelligence techniques
    with M. J. Jiménez-Come, E. Muñoz, V. Matres, M. L. Martín, F. Trujillo, and I. Turias
    Journal of Applied Logic 10 (4): 291-297. 2012.
  • Examination criteria and calibration procedures for prevention trials of the Early Childhood Caries Collaborating Centers
    with J. J. Warren, K. Weber-Gasparoni, N. Tinanoff, T. S. Batliner, B. Jue, W. Santo, and S. A. Gansky
    © 2015 American Association of Public Health Dentistry. Objectives: To summarize diagnostic criteria and examiner training and calibration of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research-funded Early Childhood Caries Collaborating Centers and report examiner calibration results from 2010 to 2014. The EC4 at Boston University, University of Colorado, and University of California San Francisco are performing randomized controlled early childhood caries prevention trials with caries a…Read more