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    Everything You Always Wanted to Ask a Lawyer about Ethics Committees
    with Morton Cohen, Jay Hartz, and Robert Schwartz
    Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 1 (1): 33. 1992.
    It should come as no surprise that we will get three different answers to the same question since we have three lawyers on the panel. The law is a matter of policy, and there is usually no single “right” answer to these questions. Each lawyer will come to a question from a very different perspective and bring a different approach to the answer
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    Unanswered Questions Surrounding the Patient Self–Determination Act
    Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 1 (2): 117. 1992.
    The Patient Self-Determination Act imposes new requirements on health care providers for informing patients of their rights to make decisions concerning their medical care. The Act is intended to, and is likely to, encourage patients and residents of certain healhtcare facilities to consider their treatment preferences in advance of incapacity and, in particular, to determine the circumstances in which life-sustaining treatment will be provided to them. However, many questions concerning how hea…Read more
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    From the Editors 1 Contributors 3
    with Daniel Callahan, David C. Thomasma, Morton Cohen, Jay Hartz, Robert Schwartz, William S. Andereck, Martha Swartz, Mary Beth West, and Joan Mciver Gibson
    Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 1 (1). 1992.
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    Issue editors' note
    with Mark Kuczewski
    Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 20 (1): 1-1. 1999.