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    Race and Treating Other People's Children as Adults
    Journal of Criminal Justice 28 (6): 507-515. 2000.
    Juvenile offenders are sometimes transferred to a criminal court where they may stand trial as adults. The rationale for this current trend cannot be justified based on evidence from developmental psychology, the evidence of consistent positive effects for particular intervention strategies, and ethical arguments for justification of punishment. The rationale in actuality reflects the selective manipulation of the alternative conceptions of young people as dependent and vulnerable or as autono…Read more
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    The Logic of Our Language: An Introduction to Symbolic Logic
    with Melanie L. McLeod
    Broadview Press. 2014.
    _The Logic of Our Language_ teaches the practical and everyday application of formal logic. Rather than overwhelming the reader with abstract theory, Jackson and McLeod show how the skills developed through the practice of logic can help us to better understand our own language and reasoning processes. The authors’ goal is to draw attention to the patterns and logical structures inherent in our spoken and written language by teaching the reader how to translate English sentences into formal symb…Read more
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    An explorer who has yet to leave the coast (review)
    The Philosophers' Magazine 55 (55): 118-119. 2011.
    Survey of reviews of Ronald Dworkin's book Justice for Hedgehogs.