• The Universality of Intuition an aposteriori Criticize to an apriori Assumption
    with Mohammad Sadegh Zahedi
    Metaphysik 6 (18): 1-16. 2015.
    Intuition has a central role in philosophy, the role to arbitrating between different opinions. When a philosopher shows that "intuition" supports his view, he thinks this is a good reason for him. In contrast, if we show some contraries between intuition and a theory or some implications of it, we think a replacement or at least some revisions would be needed. There are some well-known examples of this role for intuition in many fields of philosophy the transplant case in ethics, the chinese na…Read more
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    Every normative claim is faced with the questions of how and why we should accept it. Jonathan Weinberg et al. think there is no good answer to these questions and call this the "normativity problem." I argue that if we try to posit that there is a problem of normativity, then logically we will fall into circularity – even if these questions of normativity do not have any answer. But there is still a problem that emerges in conflict resolution between normative issues. To avoid circularity, I …Read more