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    Reconstruction of the Stagirite argument against the fatalism of future events
    Multiversum. Philosophical Almanac 2 (2): 32-42. 2020.
    The question of free will and determinism is one of the most discussed in analytic philosophy. This is because interdisciplinary research has entered the field of studying the brain and consciousness – and often, consciousness is presented as an invention, an epiphenomenon. One of the attributes of consciousness is free will. The prehistory of modern research in the field of free will is the discussion about the need for future events, which was first analyzed by Stagirite in chapter 9, "On Inte…Read more
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    Life of Thought: the Act of Thinking in the Times of Totalitarism. Part I
    with Anatoly Akhutin, Xenija Zborovska, Vsevolod Khoma, and Karolina Yakymenko
    Sententiae 38 (2): 201-214. 2019.
    The first part of the interview with Anatoly Akhutin, dedicated to the informal philosophical movement that began in the USSR during the Khrushchev Thaw, the trends of this movement in the 1970s, the phenomenon of soviet «doublethink» and the origins of Eurasianism’s modern versions.