Sahana Rajan

O P Jindal Global University

My Survey Responses

Survey Prompt Response
Main Questions
A priori knowledge Other
Abstract objects Accept: nominalism
Aesthetic value Accept: subjective
Aim of philosophy Lean towards: understanding
Analytic-synthetic distinction Accept: no
Arguments for theism Lean towards: pragmatic
Chinese room Accept an alternative view: Deflationism + Behaviourism
Eating animals and animal products Lean towards: veganism (no and no)
Epistemic justification Lean towards: externalism
Experience machine Lean towards: no
Extended mind Accept: no
External world Lean towards: non-skeptical realism
Footbridge There is no fact of the matter
Free will Lean towards: compatibilism
Gender Accept: social
God Accept: atheism
Knowledge Accept a combination of answers:
  • Accept empiricism
  • Accept rationalism
Knowledge claims Accept: contextualism
Law Lean towards: legal positivism
Laws of nature Lean towards: Humean
Logic Agnostic/undecided
Meaning of life Accept: nonexistent
Mental content Accept: externalism
Meta-ethics Lean towards: moral anti-realism
Metaontology Accept: deflationary realism
Metaphilosophy There is no fact of the matter
Mind Accept: physicalism
Moral judgment Lean towards: non-cognitivism
Moral motivation Lean towards: externalism
Moral principles Accept: moral particularism
Newcomb's problem Lean towards: two boxes
Normative ethics Lean towards: deontology
Perceptual experience Agnostic/undecided
Personal identity Accept: biological view
Philosophical methods Accept a combination of answers:
  • Accept formal philosophy
  • Neutral towards conceptual engineering
  • Neutral towards conceptual analysis
  • Lean towards experimental philosophy
  • Lean against intuition-based philosophy
  • Neutral towards linguistic philosophy
  • Accept empirical philosophy
Philosophical progress There is no fact of the matter
Political philosophy Agnostic/undecided
Proper names Agnostic/undecided
Properties Accept an alternative view: Instrumentally Irrelevant
Quantum mechanics Lean towards: hidden-variables
Race Lean towards: social
Science Accept: scientific realism
Sleeping beauty Agnostic/undecided
Teletransporter Accept: death
Temporal ontology Lean towards: eternalism
Time Lean towards: B-theory
Trolley problem Accept a combination of answers:
  • Lean towards don't switch
  • Lean towards switch
Truth Accept: deflationary
Vagueness Agnostic/undecided
Zombies Other
Survey Prompt Response
Additional Questions
Concepts Accept: empiricism