•  16
    Bookmarking genes for activation in condensed mitotic chromosomes
    with Jerry L. Workman
    Bioessays 20 (4): 275-279. 1998.
  •  8
    Patient Preference Predictors, Apt Categorization, and Respect for Autonomy
    Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 39 (2): 169-177. 2014.
    In this paper, I set out two ethical complications for Rid and Wendler’s proposal that a “Patient Preference Predictor” (PPP) should be used to aid decision making about incapacitated patients’ care. Both of these worries concern how a PPP might categorize patients. In the first section of the paper, I set out some general considerations about the “ethics of apt categorization” within stratified medicine and show how these challenge certain PPPs. In the second section, I argue for a more specifi…Read more
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    ABSTRACTBackground: Both the Council for International Organization of Medical Sciences and the Helsinki Declaration emphasize that the potential benefits of research should outweigh potential harms; consequently, some work has been conducted on participants' perception of benefits in therapeutic research. However, there appears to be very little work conducted with participants who have joined non‐therapeutic research. This work was done to evaluate participants' perception of benefits in a gen…Read more