•  18
    Comparison of the X-ray photoelectron and electron-energy-loss spectra of the nitrogen-doped hydrogenated amorphous carbon bond
    with D. Zeze, S. Silva, and S. Harris
    Philosophical Magazine 83 (16): 1937-1947. 2003.
    The composition of nitrogen-doped hydrogenated amorphous carbon films grown in a magnetically confined rf plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition system has been determined by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and compared with that determined using a combination of elastic recoil detection analysis, Rutherford back-scattering and nuclear reaction analysis. The importance of nitrogen doping or 'incorporation' in hydrogenated amorphous carbon films is discussed in relation to the significant va…Read more
  • Book Review (review)
    Journal of the American Oriental Society 119 (2): 323-326. 1999.
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    Adsorption of benzene on the five-fold surface of thei-Al70Pd21Mn9quasicrystal
    with J. T. Hoeft¶, J. Ledieu‖, T. A. Lograsso, A. R. Ross, and R. McGrath
    Philosophical Magazine 86 (6-8): 869-874. 2006.