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    Vegetarianism: Ethical, Ecofeminist and Biopolitical Perspective
    Etnoantropološki Problemi 1 (13). 2018.
    The position of animals in theoretical imagination and society stems from the historical naturalization of basic epistemological and ontological categories, the complex socio-cultural genesis of concepts whose assumptions are not easy to unravel nowadays. The given understanding of subjectivity and sociability entails nature as its opposite, but also that all other categories in border classification areas are a priori subordinate to human interests and goals. The debates that took place during …Read more
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    Howard G. Schneiderman, Engagement and Disengagement: Class, Authority, Politics, and Intellectuals, New York, Routledge, 2018. Sanja Petkovska.
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    The problems of difference and identity are articulated in the form of a dispute starting with the establishment of liberal democracies and becoming more and more intense: a dispute about the way the political community is established and defended in connection to the issue of relation between the individual being and the collective. The paper analyzes the latest reflections of European policy to the problem of differences and the likelihood of thesis about the end of multiculturalism heard afte…Read more