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    The goal of this paper is both modest and ambitious. The modest goal is to show that intercountry adoption should be considered by ethicists and healthcare providers. The more ambitious goal is to introduce the many ethical issues that intercountry adoption raises. Intercountry adoption is an alternative to medical, assisted reproduction option such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm injection, third party egg and sperm donation and surrogacy. Health care providers working w…Read more
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    Surrogacy and Autonomy
    Bioethics 3 (1): 1-17. 1989.
    Book reviewed in this article: Beginning Lives, by Rosalind Hursthouse. On Moral Medicine:Theological Perspectives in Medical Ethics, edited by Stephen E. Lammers and Allen Verhey. Quantitative Risk Assessment, edited by James M. Humber and Robert F. A Theory of Value and Obligation, by Robin Attfield. Ethical Issues at the Outset of Life, edited by William B. Weil Jr. and Martin Benjamin. Legal Frontiers of Death and Dying by Norman L. Cantor Having Your Baby By Donor Insemination:A Complete Re…Read more
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    Surrogacy and Autonomy
    Bioethics 3 (1): 1-17. 1989.
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    Whose DAM account? Attentional learning explains Booth and Waxman
    with Linda B. Smith, Hanako Yoshida, and Eliana Colunga
    Cognition 87 (3): 209-213. 2003.
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    When One Size Does Not Fit All: A Commentary
    Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics 4 (2): 125-128. 2014.
    This commentary explores a few of the common threads in a symposium of obesity narratives in light of the American Medical Association’s classification of obesity as a disease. While the narratives illustrate the breadth of experiences, they each highlight the absence of a clear approach for the treatment of obesity, as well as the lack of conversation and compassion in the most basic of interactions with medical professionals. This could be cause for despair, yet we learn through these shared e…Read more
  • Medieval Yorkshire Towns: People, Buildings and Spaces (review)
    The Medieval Review 10. 2002.