• Universität Trier
    Department of Philosophy
    Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter / Research Fellow
Trier, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Areas of Specialization
Normative Ethics

Thesis title: Rational Life - On the Concept of Nature in Neo-Aristotelian Virtue Ethics (in progress; due 2020)

Abstract: My thesis focuses on the various concepts of nature at play in the debate surrounding Neo-Aristotelian Naturalism. I maintain that much of the opposition to the Neo-Aristotelian project is motivated by a scientistic conception of nature, which simply offers no space for the essentialist and teleological concept of lifeform that is central to the views of Foot and Thompson. Defenders of the Neo-Aristotelian project, however, typically reject scientism and instead embrace a broadly idealist conception of nature, where huma…

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