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    The levers of natural selection are random genetic mutation, fitness for survival, and reproductive success. Defenders of the evolutionary debunking account (EDA) hold that such mechanisms aren’t likely to produce cognitive faculties that reliably form true moral beliefs. So, according to EDA, given that our cognitive faculties are a product of unguided natural selection, we should be in doubt about the reliability of our moral cognition. Let the term ‘sanspsychism’ describe the view that no sup…Read more
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    Mark C. Murphy: God’s own ethics: Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2017, 210 pp, $70.00 (review)
    International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 84 (3): 355-360. 2018.
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    Skeptical theism is incompatible with theodicy
    International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 77 (1): 53-63. 2015.
    Inductive arguments from evil claim that evil presents evidence against the existence of God. Skeptical theists hold that some such arguments from evil evince undue confidence in our familiarity with the sphere of possible goods and the entailments that obtain between that sphere and God’s permission of evil. I argue that the skeptical theist’s skepticism on this point is inconsistent with affirming the truth of a given theodicy. Since the skeptical theist’s skepticism is best understood dialogi…Read more