• The dissertation seek to establish three theses. First, if secularism is a realistic and valid model for regulating the interaction of religious and political institutions, the extension of its usefulness is severely circumscribed, due to empirical conditions in the diverse societies of the world, most prominently the existence of religious beliefs and practices incompatible with secularism. Of the major religious traditions, Islam is the central religion which poses practical obstacles to the s…Read more
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    Islam, Secularism, and Liberal Democracy. By Nader Hashemi (review)
    Journal of Islamic Studies 22 (3): 442-445. 2011.
  • Political Islam Observed. By Frédéric Volpi (review)
    Journal of Islamic Studies 23 (2): 249-251. 2012.
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    Comparative Political Philosophy
    The Proceedings of the Twenty-First World Congress of Philosophy 7 131-135. 2007.
    Has comparative political philosophy progressed beyond crude generalizations and scattershot explorations of traditions perceived as exotic and other? In commenting on the current condition of comparative political philosophy, I will treat two of the main methodological questions which arise in the encounter with texts from traditions unfamiliar to philosophers in the West. First, I survey the difficulties of translation, between both languages and cultures. Second, I examine the problem of comp…Read more
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    Avoid the Banking Model in Social and Environmental Justice Education: Interrogate the Tensions
    Educational Studies: A Jrnl of the American Educ. Studies Assoc 49 (5): 430-442. 2013.
    In this article, we argue that when teaching about and for social and environmental justice, teachers need to move beyond promoting individual behavior changes as a primary means to counter complex, global problems. Further, we advocate for a more robust strategy for teaching about and for social and environmental justice that not only raises awareness about oppression, inequality, and destruction, but also, and more importantly, interrogates how we define and operationalize the concept of justi…Read more