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    Connecting emotions and words: the referential process
    with Wilma Bucci and Bernard Maskit
    Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 15 (3): 359-383. 2016.
    This paper outlines the process of verbal communication of emotion as this occurs through the phases of the referential process, including arousal of an emotion schema; detailed and specific descriptions of images and episodes that are exemplars of emotion schemas; and reflection and reorganization, which may include emotion labels and other types of categorical terms. The concepts of emotion schemas and the referential process are defined in the theoretical framework of multiple code theory whi…Read more
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    Freedom of Conscience in Health Care: Distinctions and Limits (review)
    with Stephen J. Genuis
    Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 10 (3): 347-354. 2013.
    The widespread emergence of innumerable technologies within health care has complicated the choices facing caregivers and their patients. The escalation of knowledge and technical innovation has been accompanied by an erosion of moral and ethical consensus among health providers that is reflected in the abandonment of the Hippocratic Oath as the immutable bedrock of medical ethics. Ethical conflicts arise when the values of health professionals collide with the expressed wishes of patients or th…Read more
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    Legitimacy Concerns in Animal Advocacy Organizations during the Michael Vick Dogfighting Scandal
    with Solange E. Badano, Steven J. Burgermeister, Sidney Henne, and Benjamin M. Cole
    Society and Animals 22 (2): 111-134. 2014.
    Using the quasi-experimental setting of the Michael Vick dogfighting case, the researchers employed rich interview content to explore the question, “When a critical event occurs in the animal advocacy field, what motivates advocacy groups to respond?” The investigation reveals that what was thought to be one critical event was in actuality three unique yet interrelated critical events— the revelation of the transgressions; the punishment of the perpetrator; and the decision about whether to ally…Read more