• El Evangelio De Juan
    Revista Agustiniana 50 (152): 459. 2009.
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    This book is centrally concerned with crucial theoretical and practical aspects of teaching in the national and global borderlands of gender, race, and sexuality studies. The cross-cultural feminist focus of this anthology allows the contributors to consider the various ways in which global and national frameworks intersect in the classroom and in students' thinking, and also the ways in which power and authority are developed, directed, and deployed in the feminist classroom. This volume provid…Read more
  • Príscillien, Un Chrétien Non Conformiste
    Revista Agustiniana 51 (154): 276. 2010.
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    Ionic gradients are found across a variety of tissues and organs. In this report, we apply the phasor representation of.uorescence lifetime imaging data to the quantitative study of ionic concentrations in tissues, overcoming technical problems of tissue thickness, concentration artifacts of ion-sensitive dyes, and calibration across inhomogeneous tissue. We used epidermis as a model system, as Ca2+ gradients in this organ have been shown previously to control essential biologic processes of dif…Read more