• Carine Defoort, Mario Wenning, and Kai Marchal offer three ways of engaging with Chinese and Buddhist Philosophy in Early Twentieth-Century German Thought and the philosophical, hermeneutical, and historical issues it attempted to articulate and address.1 This work is historical with a contemporary philosophical intent: to reexamine a tumultuous contested epoch of philosophy’s past in order to reconsider its existing limitations and alternative possibilities. One dimension of this book is the in…Read more
  • Episteme and Subjectivity: The Context does not solve the “Gettier Problem”
    Austrian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences 3 77-82. 2017.
    Objective: In this essay, I will try to track some historical and modern stages of the discussion on the Gettier problem, and point out the interrelations of the questions that this problem raises for epistemologists, with sceptical arguments, and a so-called problem of relevance. Methods: historical analysis, induction, generalization, deduction, discourse, intuition results: Albeit the contextual theories of knowledge, the use of different definitions of knowledge, and the different ways of t…Read more
  • Facts, Words and Beliefs
    Timothy L. S. Sprigge
    Routledge and Kegan Paul. 1970.
  • The Underdetermination of Theory by Data
    W. Newton-Smith and Steven Lukes
    Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Supplementary Volumes( 52 71-107. 1978.