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    Network Diagnostics of Identification Strategies in an Organization: Methodology and Pilot Study Experience
    with P. P. Deryugin, S. V. Kurapov, Yi Shi, and E. А Kamyshina
    Дискурс 6 (4): 73-94. 2020.
    Introduction. Diagnostics of social identification strategies in social groups of various types has not lost its relevance for many decades. In modern conditions, the discussion and development of the methodology and methods of applied diagnostics of identification strategies in small and large social groups receives a new direction of development, thanks to the development of the theory and practice of network methods. This is due to the fact that two multidirectional processes are simultaneous…Read more
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    Strategies of Identificational Behavior of Military Students: Sociological Analysys Methods
    with P. P. Deryugin and S. V. Kurapov
    Дискурс 5 (2): 90-99. 2019.
    Strategies of identificational behavior may vary. Within trainee divisions of cadet corps these strategies acquire many specific features. This includes strategies of achieving the desired self-identity that can be formed as modified practices of achieving this identity. Therefore, it is important to investigate those social elements and factors that influence the formation of strategies of identificational behavior. Analysis of scientific sources shows that in the strategies of identification b…Read more
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    Tolstoy and the Idea of Revolution: Enlightenment Project and Prosopopoeia of Life
    with S. N. Ivashkin
    Russian Journal of Philosophical Sciences 12 95-113. 2019.
    The reasonable human nature appears in the Enlightenment’s philosophy as a reduction of the human being and its manifestations to a complex of natural impulses when all former norms of perception, reflections, inclinations, actions and the moral principles, which lie in their basis, are canceled in the free human self-experimenting. The monarchy idea depreciates when its citizens turn in the public good’s proponents on the basis of a blind republican consent about the egoism’s limitation (Robesp…Read more
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    Voltaire and Tolstoy: Literary Experience, Experiment Scheme, Judgment Format
    with Sergey Ivashkin
    Russian Journal of Philosophical Sciences 1 68-88. 2018.
  • Karl Marx, Das Kapital: Erbe und Verpflichtung
    with Albrecht Heinze
    Karl-Marx-Universität Verlag Die Wirtschaft in Kommission]. 1968.