Sérgio Farias De Souza Filho

Federal Rural University of Pernambuco
  • Representational indispensability and ontological commitment
    Thought: A Journal of Philosophy 9 (2): 105-114. 2020.
    Recent debates about mathematical ontology are guided by the view that Platonism's prospects depend on mathematics' explanatory role in science. If mathematics plays an explanatory role, and in the right kind of way, this carries ontological commitment to mathematical objects. Conversely, the assumption goes, if mathematics merely plays a representational role then our world-oriented uses of mathematics fail to commit us to mathematical objects. I argue that it is a mistake to think that mathema…Read more
  • Representation in Cognitive Science
    Oxford University Press. 2018.
    How can we think about things in the outside world? There is still no widely accepted theory of how mental representations get their meaning. In light of pioneering research, Nicholas Shea develops a naturalistic account of the nature of mental representation with a firm focus on the subpersonal representations that pervade the cognitive sciences.