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    Ni Zan's Aesthetic thought of Painting
    Philosophy and Culture 38 (9): 151-174. 2011.
    Yuan Ni Zan is an outstanding artist and painting theorist, his work and painting with the past and the role of aesthetic ideas, and produce a far-reaching impact. Ni Zan's paintings aesthetics can be summarized as "write the chest outgassing" view of the nature of painting, "self-entertainment" concept and function of painting "not shape" of the painting concept. In this painting under the guidance of aesthetics, Ni Zan's paintings in particular the practice of using "Plaza pen hastily" way of …Read more
  • Xian Dai Xin Ru Jia Zhuan
    with Chonggang Zhang and Laining Wang
    . 2002.
  • Scheler's Ordo Amoris: Insights and Oversights
    with Philip Blosser and Chuan Zhonghan
    Modern Philosophy 1 90-98. 2008.