• Hedonism and asceticism
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  • Does Knowledge Entail Belief?
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  • Humanism in the Contemporary Era
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  • Tantra means knowledge of methodical and mechanical investigational-technique through which we develop our consciousness and faculties of consciousness. It is also a process through which we can able to be realized our inherent spiritual powers. The term “Tantra” has been derived from the Sanskrit term “Tan” which means to “Magnify” or to “Outspread”. People use Tantra in a very mechanical way to transform their personality from animalhood to divinity. Basically, in the school of Buddhism, Tantr…Read more
  • The Revival of Sree Sankara’s Hypothesis of Appearance and Reality: A Critical Analysis and Appraisal
    Shimi Cm and Shimi C. M. And Dr Rajiba Lochan Behera
    International Journal of Advance and Innovative Research 5 (3): 72-76. 2018.
    The main foci of this paper are to delineate the distinction between appearance and reality in the light of Sree Sankara’s Advaita Philosophy and to look at how Sankara’s notion of appearance and reality is enjoying a contemporary revival, and it is important to try to develop an understanding of why this is so. The central theme of the notion of Sankara philosophy is that Brahman or the absolute spirit is the only reality and everything else is an illusory appearance of Brahman. The major essen…Read more