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    Relief of Suffering and Regard for Personhood: nurses' ethical concerns in Japan and the USA
    with D. Doutrich and P. Wros
    Nursing Ethics 8 (5): 448-458. 2001.
    The ethical concerns of Japanese nurses are compared with those of previously described nurses from the USA. Patient comfort was a primary concern of nurses from both countries. Participants described an ethical imperative to provide adequate pain medication for patients and prevent unnecessary and uncomfortable invasive tests and procedures, especially at the end of life as the focus changed from ‘cure’ to ‘care’. The notion of regard for personhood varied, based on the communication styles and…Read more
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    Defining end-of-life care from perspectives of nursing ethics
    with H. Nagae, C. Sakurai, and E. Imamura
    Nursing Ethics 19 (5): 608-618. 2012.
    Despite increasing interests and urgent needs for quality end-of-life care, there is no exact definition of what is the interval referred to as end of life or what end-of-life care is. The purpose of this article is to report our examination of terms related to end-of-life care and define end-of-life care from nursing ethics perspectives. Current terms related to end-of-life care, such as terminal care, hospice care, and palliative care, are based on a medical model and are restrictive in terms …Read more