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    Tata as a Sustainable Enterprise: The Causal Role of Spirituality
    with Pratima Verma
    Journal of Human Values 24 (3): 153-165. 2018.
    The year 2018 is the 150 anniversary of the Tata group. This article is an attempt to examine the role of spiritual family values in shaping Tata as a sustainable business. Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, the founder of Tata, was a trained Parsi priest, who was greatly influenced by Humata or good thoughts, Hukhta or good words, and Hvarshta or good deeds toward others. Since its founding in 1868, the Tata leadership legacy has persistently followed those watchwords of the Zoroastrian faith. The exta…Read more
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    Ethics Training in the Indian IT Sector: Formal, Informal or Both?
    with Pratima Verma and Jan Löwstedt
    Journal of Business Ethics 133 (1): 73-93. 2016.
    Ethics training—an important means to foster ethical decision-making in organisations—is carried out formally as well as informally. There are mixed findings as regards the effectiveness of formal versus informal ethics training. This study is one of its first kinds in which we have investigated the effectiveness of ethics training as it is carried out in the Indian IT sector. We have collected the views of Indian IT industry professionals concerning ethics training, and employed positivist and …Read more