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    Literacy and documentation in early medieval Russia
    Speculum 60 (1): 1-38. 1985.
    With reference to medieval England M. T. Clanchy argues that “the growth in the uses of literacy [between 1066 and 1307] is indicated by, and was perhaps primarily a consequence of, the production and retention of records on an unprecedented scale.” That is, rather than view literacy as a step on the road to literature, to learning and high culture, Clanchy stresses the interrelationship between literacy and administrative practice. Writing creates the possibility of documentation; documentation…Read more
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    Ioannis Malalae Chronographia recensuit (review)
    Byzantinische Zeitschrift 95 (1): 148-150. 2003.
    To describe a book as “long-awaited” is a reviewer's cliché. In the case of this book, however, it is a gross understatement. Materials for the new edition of Malalas were initially assembled by K. Weierholt. In the mid–1970s, after Weierholt's death, the project was taken over by Hans Thurn. By the time of Thurn's own death in 1993 the edition was almost ready, but still a further seven years, and the assistance of several other scholars, were required before Ioannis Malalae Chronographia final…Read more