University of Warwick
Department of Philosophy
PhD, 2001
Brookhaven, Georgia, United States of America
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    Back to beauty
    The Philosophers' Magazine 40 (40): 91-91. 2008.
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    Philosophy and Tragedy (edited book)
    Routledge. 2000.
    From Plato's _Republic_ and Aristotle's _Poetics_ to Nietzsche's _The Birth of Tragedy_, the theme of tragedy has been subject to radically conflicting philosophical interpretations. Despite being at the heart of philosophical debate from Ancient Greece to the Nineteenth Century, however, tragedy has yet to receive proper treatment as a philosophical tradition in its own right. _Philosophy and Tragedy_ is a compelling contribution to that oversight and the first book to address the topic in a ma…Read more
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    Kearney sparks interest
    The Philosophers' Magazine 25 61-61. 2004.
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    On Jean-Luc Nancy: The Sense of Philosophy (edited book)
    with Darren Sheppard and Colin Thomas
    Routledge. 1997.
    This is the first book to consider the increasing importance of Jean-Luc Nancy's work, which has influenced key thinkers such as Jacques Derrida. All his major works have been translated into English, yet until now little has been made available on his place in contemporary philosophy. By showing how he situates his work in a contemporary context - the collapse of communism, the Gulf War, and the former Yugoslavia - this outstanding collection reveals how Nancy's engagement with Hegel, Marx, Nie…Read more
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    The following thesis explores the notion of truth as developed in the work of Martin Heidegger and Walter Benjamin. Contrary to the position adopted by many commentators, who seek to drive a wedge between Heidegger's unorthodox phenomenology and the resolutely non -phenomenological Benjamin, I shall want to show how both begin with a rigorously Husserlian conception of truth as an intuition of essence in order, finally, to deviate from it. I argue that, for neither one, can truth be merely one p…Read more
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    Kearney sparks interest (review)
    The Philosophers' Magazine 25 61-61. 2004.
  • Genesis and Trace: Derrida Reading Husserl and Heidegger (edited book)
    Stanford University Press. 2005.
    In this study, Paola Marrati approaches—in an extremely insightful, rigorous, and well-argued way—the question of the philosophical sources of Derrida's thought through a consideration of his reading of both Husserl and Heidegger. A central focus of the book is the analysis of the concepts of genesis and trace as they define Derrida's thinking of historicity, time, and subjectivity. Notions such as the contamination of the empirical and the transcendental, dissemination and writing, are explaine…Read more
  • Multiple Arts: The Muses Ii (edited book)
    Stanford University Press. 2006.
    This collection of writings by Jean-Luc Nancy, the renowned French critic and poet, delves into the history of philosophy to locate a fundamentally poetic modus operandi there. The book represents a daring mixture of Nancy's philosophical essays, writings about artworks, and artwork of his own. With theoretical rigor, Nancy elaborates on the intrinsic multiplicity of art as a concept of "making," and outlines the tensions inherent in the _faire_, the "making" that characterizes the very process …Read more
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    Back to beauty (review)
    The Philosophers' Magazine 40 91-91. 2008.