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    Glioma groups based on 1p/19q, IDH, and TERT promoter mutations in tumors
    with J. E. Eckel-Passow, D. H. Lachance, A. M. Molinaro, K. M. Walsh, P. A. Decker, H. Sicotte, M. Pekmezci, T. Rice, M. L. Kosel, Smirnov IV, G. Sarkar, A. A. Caron, T. M. Kollmeyer, C. E. Praska, A. R. Chada, C. Halder, H. M. Hansen, L. S. McCoy, P. M. Bracci, R. Marshall, G. F. Reis, A. R. Pico, B. P. O'Neill, J. C. Buckner, C. Giannini, J. T. Huse, A. Perry, T. Tihan, M. S. Berger, S. M. Chang, M. D. Prados, J. Wiemels, J. K. Wiencke, M. R. Wrensch, and R. B. Jenkins
    Copyright © 2015 Massachusetts Medical Society.BACKGROUND The prediction of clinical behavior, response to therapy, and outcome of infiltrative glioma is challenging. On the basis of previous studies of tumor biology, we defined five glioma molecular groups with the use of three alterations: mutations in the TERT promoter, mutations in IDH, and codeletion of chromosome arms 1p and 19q. We tested the hypothesis that within groups based on these features, tumors would have similar clinical variabl…Read more